Fifty Four

Fifty Four Mag proudly presents a quarterly lifestyle magazine that celebrates the richness and diversity of African culture. With a focus on lifestyle, culture, fashion, traditions, and luxury, our magazine offers unique insights into the vibrant personality synonymous with the African experience. Heralded as ‘The Mecca’ of African Culture, Fifty Four Mag introduces readers to Africa’s unspoilt splendour and showcases the forward-thinking of the continent’s most innovative voices. Collaborating with leading photographers, artists, designers, and trailblazers, we offer a unique perspective that accurately represents Africa in all its glory. Whether you’re seeking to educate yourself on African culture or simply exploring the continent’s unexplored facets, a Fifty Four Mag digital magazine subscription is your gateway to discovering what fuels the African experience. Subscribe today and embark on a journey to uncover the captivating stories and traditions that continue to inspire people around the globe.


Fifty Four Mag is on a mission to redefine the narrative surrounding African culture, discarding outdated stereotypes and presenting a publication that authentically captures the essence of the African experience. With a commitment to preserving African culture, the magazine becomes a collective voice, passionately showcasing the thoughts and forward-thinking narratives of some of the continent’s most celebrated individuals. Covering every facet of a culture that has been unfairly defined for generations, Fifty Four Mag opens a window into the people, fashion, music, food, and all the elements that make Africa special.

With contributors hailing directly from the Mother Continent, each issue of Fifty Four Mag is a testament to the excellence and artistry that permeate the work of African innovators and creators. The magazine takes a deep dive into every aspect of a culture that deserves to be seen and heard, offering a digital magazine subscription that combines stunning visuals with distinct storytelling to provide a richer understanding of African heritage. Embark on an authentic African experience by downloading the latest issue to your device today and join the journey of celebrating the diversity and richness of African culture.

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