Fate and Fortune

Unlock the mystical world with Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune magazine – your gateway to the extraordinary! Immerse yourself in spine-tingling true stories, glean wisdom from the UK’s leading psychics and mediums, and embark on ghostly adventures. Each issue is a mystical journey, featuring angel workshops, explorations of past lives, crystal healing insights, and so much more. Elevate your spiritual experience and embrace the unknown with Fate and Fortune – the mystic magazine that goes beyond the ordinary!


If you’re intrigued by the mystical and fascinated by the afterlife, then Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune magazine is your ultimate spiritual companion. As the UK’s foremost spiritual publication, each issue is a gateway to the supernatural, featuring spine-chilling real-life stories, personal insights from renowned psychics and mediums like Jayne Wallace, Nicky Alan, and Gordon Smith, and guidance on connecting with angels and exploring the world of crystal healing. Whether you seek spiritual advice or simply enjoy the thrill of the unknown, Fate and Fortune delivers unparalleled depth and authenticity, making it a must-have for believers and seekers alike.

Dive into the realms of the unseen with Fate and Fortune’s comprehensive content, including exclusive advice from Britain’s top psychics, riveting real-life accounts shared by readers like you, and detailed horoscopes and predictions to guide you through life’s mysteries. With hassle-free monthly delivery and great savings for subscribers, Fate and Fortune ensures that you stay informed, inspired, and connected to the spiritual realm every step of the way. Embrace the supernatural and embark on a journey of discovery with Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune magazine – your trusted source for all things mystical and enlightening.

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