Take A Break Weekly

Delve into the heart of your story with Take A Break magazine, the UK’s leading women’s publication tailored to your life’s journey. Uncover captivating true-life narratives that mirror your own experiences, providing insight and inspiration with every turn of the page. Stay informed and stylish with the latest trends in health, fashion, and beauty, designed to enhance your unique lifestyle. Indulge in mouth-watering cookery ideas and explore exciting travel destinations, making each issue of Take A Break a thrilling voyage of self-discovery and enrichment. Subscribe now to embark on an unforgettable exploration of your passions, interests, and the extraordinary moments that define your life.


For over a decade, Take a Break has held the coveted title of the nation’s top women’s weekly magazine, captivating readers with its rich blend of real-life narratives, engaging puzzles, and lucrative prizes. With a £10k jackpot up for grabs every week, Take a Break offers an enticing opportunity to turn leisure reading into a rewarding experience. Dive into its pages to discover the very best lifestyle advice, covering health, beauty, fashion, travel, and culinary delights. With interactive puzzles adding an extra layer of engagement, Take a Break promises an immersive reading journey that caters to diverse interests and tastes.

Whether you seek a weekly dose of entertainment or aspire to strike it lucky with big money prizes, Take a Break caters to every reader’s desires. From riveting stories to tantalizing puzzles and invaluable lifestyle insights, Take a Break stands as the go-to magazine for those seeking both leisure and excitement in their reading experience. Subscribe now and join the countless others who have made Take a Break a cherished part of their weekly routine.

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