FASHION magazine is your ultimate style expert, beauty guru, and trend reporter, serving as Canada’s go-to source for all things fashion, beauty, and retail. With an eye for must-have styles and the latest trends, FASHION magazine remains at the forefront of the fashion world, delivering the best from the runways of London, Paris, Milan, and New York. Offering a blend of international, national, and local fashion news and trends, FASHION magazine caters to every super stylish reader’s taste. Whether you’re a seasoned fashionista or seeking outfit inspiration, a FASHION digital magazine subscription is your stylish go-to source for all things fabulous!


Since its inception in 1977 in the dynamic city of Toronto, Canada, FASHION magazine has been a beacon of style, culture, and sophistication. Published by St. Joseph Media, it releases 10 fabulous issues annually, captivating a devoted readership of 1.85 million individuals. Throughout its storied history, FASHION magazine has been a stalwart representative of the Canadian fashion scene while also providing updates from the global fashion capitals of New York, London, Paris, and Milan.

FASHION magazine caters to fashion-conscious individuals by offering the best in beauty, culture, lifestyle, and coverage of major fashion weeks worldwide. Whether seeking style inspiration for everyday wear or following the careers of favorite fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld or Marc Jacobs, readers gain full access to the world of fashion, celebrating both international and local designers, retailers, bloggers, and more. With expert styling tips, precise trend forecasting, and features on the best fashion finds across Canada, FASHION magazine serves as the go-to glossy for elevating street-style and staying ahead in the fashion game. Additionally, fashionistas can indulge in a dedicated shopping section within each issue, providing everything Canadian fashion and beauty lovers need to hit the streets in style! Upgrade your street-style and stay ahead of the fashion game by subscribing to FASHION magazine now!

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