Closer magazine offers a weekly dose of celebrity exclusives and real-life stories, making it your go-to source for the latest gossip. Each issue is packed with must-read articles covering fashion, beauty, relationships, diet, and health, providing expert advice on various aspects of life. Additionally, Closer includes a comprehensive 17-page TV & Film Guide for the week, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest entertainment offerings. Subscribe now and unlock a world of captivating stories and expert insights!


Discover a world of entertainment, inspiration, and practical wisdom with A Closer Magazine, your ultimate weekly companion. Dive into the latest celebrity news and captivating real-life stories that delve deep into the heart of every headline. Each issue of Closer is packed with Celeb News, providing you with the freshest updates on your favorite personalities, while Real Life stories offer powerful narratives that provoke thought and reflection. Delve into the realm of health and well-being with expert advice from Dr. Christian Jessen in the Diet & Body section, and stay ahead of the trends with Life & Style tips on glamour, affordable fashion, and the hottest trends.

Plus, don’t miss the indispensable 7-day TV guide to plan your week’s entertainment seamlessly. Whether you prefer the convenience of the latest digital edition or the charm of a Closer monthly magazine subscription, Closer ensures you stay informed on the latest in celebrity news, fashion, beauty, diet, health, and TV listings. With its comprehensive content, Closer Magazine becomes the essential read you won’t want to miss each week. Subscribe now and commence a journey of discovery and enlightenment with Closer Magazine!

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