Rifle Shooter

Rifle Shooter is the essential magazine for shooting enthusiasts seeking to elevate their skills, offering insights from the UK’s leading rifle experts every other month. Packed with enthusiasm, encouragement, and education, Rifle Shooter is dedicated to improving the rifle shooting experiences of enthusiasts at all levels. Delve into eye-opening articles on exciting rifle hunts, insights into stalking, fox control, long-range shooting, and much more. With a Rifle Shooter digital magazine subscription, you’ll stay on target with every issue downloaded to your device, gaining valuable knowledge and expertise to enhance your rifle shooting pursuits. Subscribe today and arm yourself with the resources you need to excel in the field!


Rifle Shooter stands as the premier rifle shooting magazine in the UK, uniting top rifle experts to offer unparalleled guidance and advice within the industry. Crafted by shooters for shooters, each meticulously curated issue represents a wealth of collective knowledge and passion aimed at enhancing your shooting technique, accuracy, and overall success whether hunting, engaging in sport, or pursuing hobbies. Covering a diverse array of topics from foxing to long-range shooting, deer stalking to deer management, and hunting both domestically and internationally, each issue presents an exciting blend of rifle shooting articles. With comprehensive product tests and reviews spanning rimfire rifles, centrefire rifles, optics, and various shooting accessories, Rifle Shooter remains your indispensable companion for all your rifle shooting endeavors.

Regardless of your level of experience in rifle shooting, whether you’re a seasoned marksman, a prospective gun buyer, or simply curious about the world of rifle shooting, a Rifle Shooter digital magazine subscription promises to keep your sights firmly set on rifle shooting success. Elevate your expertise on the shooting range by downloading the latest issue to your device today and immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge and insights Rifle Shooter has to offer!

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