Golf Monthly

Established in 1911, Golf Monthly proudly stands as the world’s oldest golf magazine, offering invaluable insights and advice for golf enthusiasts at every level. Written by golfers, for golfers, each monthly edition presents a wealth of content, from hands-on equipment reviews to exclusive interviews with the game’s most notable figures. Whether you’re an aspiring amateur or a seasoned pro, Golf Monthly equips you with the hints, tips, and tricks needed to enhance your performance on the course, while keeping you informed about the latest news and developments from the professional UK, European, and World golf tours. Join the esteemed readership of Golf Monthly today with a digital magazine subscription and elevate your golfing experience to new heights. Subscribe now to the world’s oldest golf magazine!


Since its inception in 1911, Golf Monthly has remained a stalwart source of golfing news, reviews, and interviews for over a century. Crafted by golfers and tailored to enthusiasts of all skill levels, the magazine offers comprehensive equipment reviews, revealing interviews with top players, and insightful instruction to enhance strategy and address common faults. Recognized as one of the UK’s premier golfing authorities, each issue covers the latest news and insights from the UK, European, and World Pro tours, ensuring readers stay abreast of the tournaments that matter most.

Golf Monthly’s monthly digital subscription keeps golf aficionados connected to the dynamic world of golf, offering immediate access to the latest issue on any device. Whether you’re seeking the latest trends in golf equipment or seeking insider knowledge from the pros, Golf Monthly delivers a wealth of content to enrich your golfing experience and keep you engaged with the sport you love. Subscribe now and start enjoying immediate access today!

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