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Stay on top of the cricket world with The Cricketer, the world’s best-selling magazine! Whether you’re a seasoned cricket critic or a fan in the stands, this magazine is your go-to source for match reports, latest scores, upcoming matches, and players’ score history. Dive into exhaustive coverage of international and club cricket matches, featuring the finest writers in the industry, and enjoy interviews with past and present players along with insightful analysis of the hottest matches. From the future of cricket to a glimpse into the life of a professional cricketer, The Cricketer magazine provides a comprehensive view of the cricketing world. Subscribe now to join the global community of cricket enthusiasts and get your monthly dose of cricket news, interviews, and analysis!


Established in 1921, The Cricketer has been a cornerstone of the cricketing world for nearly a century. Whether you’re a budding opener or a seasoned reverse swing aficionado, you’ll discover the latest cricket news from global competitions, insightful interviews with players and enthusiasts, and analysis from cricket’s esteemed critics. The Cricketer provides comprehensive coverage of cricket at both club and international levels, spanning major leagues, competitions, and tournaments worldwide. With contributions from respected journalists like Mike Selvey, Mike Henderson, and Barney Ronay, each monthly edition offers a deep dive into the latest news, stories, and statistics, ensuring you stay captivated until the next call of play.

Whether you’re passionate for the World Cup, serious about The Ashes or a budding County Championship follower, you’ll find all the game’s biggest names and news in your monthly digital version of The Cricketer. Download the latest magazine to your device and enjoy immediately today!

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