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Transform your fishing adventures with a subscription to Angling Times magazine, your indispensable companion on the water. As the premier source for anglers of every caliber, we deliver a wealth of fishing wisdom week after week, keeping you abreast of the latest news, expert insights, immersive features, and top-tier tackle reviews. With our flexible subscription options, the power is in your hands. Choose between Print, Digital, or indulge in both with our Print + Digital or Digital-only subscriptions, unlocking unparalleled convenience and instant access to the latest and past issues on your preferred device. Whether you prefer reading or listening, our app offers the flexibility to enjoy the magazine at your leisure, tailored to your schedule. But that’s not all – prepare to reel in exclusive rewards designed to enrich your angling experience. Don’t let the big one get away – subscribe to Angling Times magazine today and dive deeper into the world of fishing like never before!


Dive into the world of fishing mastery with Angling Times, the premier source for both inspiration and practical guidance to elevate your angling skills and deepen your passion. Each week, Angling Times delivers fresh fishing stories that captivate both newcomers and seasoned pros, ensuring there’s something for every angler to enjoy. Our subscribers form the heartbeat of our community, actively participating in our news stories, instructional features, and sharing their best catches, fostering a vibrant and supportive fishing community that’s second to none.

In every issue of Angling Times magazine, you’ll discover the latest Carp News, Match News, and exclusive content from the Kingfish Club, providing a comprehensive overview of the fishing landscape. Our team of experienced journalists and anglers brings you positive, inspirational, and relevant stories that celebrate the best in fishing each week. Plus, delve into the latest tackle features and news, as we take pride in being the first to bring you on-the-bank tests of new gear and the latest bait launches. As an added bonus, print magazine subscribers receive a FREE Carpfeed magazine once a month, enhancing your fishing experience even further. Whether you opt for a print or digital subscription, Angling Times ensures you receive the highest quality content from the leading fishing brand, enriching your fishing journey with every issue.

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