Model Rail

Delve into the world of model railways with Model Rail, your top choice for the latest model reviews, expert projects, and captivating layouts. Brimming with inspiration and outstanding track plans to spark your creativity, Model Rail offers a unique collection of model locomotives and draws inspiration from real railway experiences. With our digital subscription, unlock additional content, rewards, discounts, and prizes, and enjoy full access to both the latest and past issues via our user-friendly Model Rail app. Experience the thrill of model railroading in a fresh perspective with Model Rail magazine.


Model Rail magazine is Britain’s leading publication tailored for model railway enthusiasts, offering an engaging fusion of insight and creativity. Catering to enthusiasts at all skill levels, from newcomers venturing into their first model train set purchase to seasoned aficionados delving into museum-quality fine-scale modelling, our magazine guides readers through every facet of the hobby with captivating narratives that draw them into the world of model railways. Packed with essential advice, invaluable tips, and detailed information on model train layouts, Model Rail magazine acts as an essential resource, fostering a sense of camaraderie among railway enthusiasts and encouraging them to explore the captivating realm of model railways further.

In each issue of Model Rail magazine, enthusiasts uncover a wealth of content showcasing premier home and club layouts, accompanied by stunning photography that breathes life into these miniature landscapes. Our objective and comprehensive product reviews, coupled with step-by-step articles, layout plans, and expert guidance, empower readers to refine their skills and elevate their modelling pursuits. Whether you prefer the convenience of digital access or the timeless allure of a monthly subscription, Model Rail magazine is your steadfast companion, committed to enriching your model railway journey and unlocking the full potential of your hobby.

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