Explore the thrill of hillwalking adventures with Trail, the foremost hillwalking magazine in the UK. Delight in receiving 132 pages overflowing with captivating photography, destination inspirations, crucial safety skills for hill trekking, and highlights of the newest gear, delivered directly to your doorstep 13 times annually. Trail not only indulges your senses but also grants you the freedom to focus on what truly matters – like gearing up, hitting the road, and delving into the mountains! With our digital subscription, relish immediate access to the latest issues, coupled with exclusive perks such as a 50% discount on OS Maps Premium Membership, and much more! Don’t let our Print Plus offer slip away, and for expanded sizing options including XS, S, and XL, please connect with us at 01858 438740 today.


Experience the pinnacle of high-altitude adventures and panoramic views across the British Isles with Trail magazine, your ultimate outdoor companion. As the leading hill walking publication in the UK, Trail curates a monthly collection of awe-inspiring visuals, trip inspirations, meticulously outlined routes, and expert gear evaluations, all tailored to enhance your outdoor escapades. From the rugged terrains of Lakeland to the grandeur of the Highlands, Trail’s acclaimed narratives ignite your spirit of exploration, beckoning you to discover the untamed corners of the UK.

Each edition of Trail magazine invites you to immerse yourself in breathtaking photography showcasing Britain’s most captivating landscapes while benefiting from the nation’s most influential gear critiques, ensuring you’re prepared for every high-altitude journey. Acquire indispensable skills and insights from outdoor specialists to safely navigate the challenges of elevated environments. Join one of the UK’s most vibrant and adventurous communities of readers, where you have the chance to win coveted gear, forge new connections, and even have your own expeditions highlighted in the magazine. Whether you’re an experienced mountaineer or embarking on your inaugural hill walking voyage, Trail magazine promises an unparalleled journey for every outdoor enthusiast.

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