Puzzle Selection

Looking for the ultimate puzzle fix? Puzzle Selection is your go-to magazine packed with all your favorite brain teasers! As part of Take a Break’s renowned puzzle series, it’s loaded with vibrant puzzles, from crosswords to word searches and picture poses. Whether you’re enjoying solo or with family, dive into hours of mind-bending fun!


Explore Take a Break’s Puzzle Selection magazine, the ultimate haven for puzzle enthusiasts who appreciate variety. Dive into a collection of over 100 pages filled with vibrant puzzles, each offering colorful challenges for your solving pleasure. From crosswords to word searches, our diverse range caters to puzzle lovers of all ages, ensuring endless hours of entertainment with every issue. Moreover, each edition provides an opportunity for you to vie for cash prizes, elevating the excitement of your puzzling experience!

Whether you seek a gentle mental exercise or crave a formidable challenge, Take a Break’s Puzzle Selection magazine is your premier destination. With its extensive selection of puzzles, there’s something to satisfy every puzzle craving. Don’t miss out on the exhilaration of solving and the chance to win – subscribe to Take a Break’s Puzzle Selection magazine today and embark on a rewarding journey of puzzle-solving joy!

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