My Favourite Puzzles

Attention all Take a Break fans! Dive into a specially curated collection of puzzles from the UK’s best-selling women’s weekly magazine. It’s the ultimate puzzle adventure tailored exclusively for you!


Calling all Take a Break aficionados! My Favourite Puzzles is the ultimate puzzle compilation curated just for you. Featuring a hand-picked selection from the UK’s best-selling women’s weekly magazine, this collection boasts over 100 of your favorite puzzles, including Strike it Lucky, Big Bonanza, Question Time, Just for Fun, and Now for Something Different, alongside various crosswords, arrowwords, and word searches. But wait, there’s more! With 10 opportunities in each issue to win cash prizes, My Favourite Puzzles offers not only hours of entertainment but also the chance to pocket some extra cash.

Indulge in the puzzle paradise that is My Favourite Puzzles, designed exclusively for Take a Break fans. With its diverse range of puzzles and exciting cash prize opportunities, every issue promises endless hours of brain-teasing fun and the chance to win big. Don’t miss out on this perfect blend of entertainment and excitement — grab your copy of My Favourite Puzzles today and dive into a world of puzzling delights!

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