DIVA, Europe’s leading magazine for lesbian and bisexual women, offers engaging and diverse content to keep readers informed, entertained, and inspired every month. From in-depth interviews with beloved personalities to commentary on pressing community issues, DIVA covers it all. Enjoy the latest entertainment news, reviews, humor, travel insights, and captivating features accompanied by stunning photography of influential women. Subscribe to DIVA digital magazine today to receive every issue hassle-free on your device and stay connected with the vibrant lesbian and bisexual community.


Discover DIVA magazine, the premier publication for the lesbian and bisexual community since its inception in 1994. With a dedicated and growing readership, DIVA delivers the latest gossip, trends, news, and community opinions in every issue. Enjoy captivating photography and engaging features highlighting admired women, while staying informed about trends, fashion, and hot-topics shaping the community’s discourse.

Beyond trends and gossip, DIVA fearlessly confronts significant issues in popular culture, from racism in the LGBT community to mental health and youth struggles in the queer community. Each issue promises new insights and perspectives, making DIVA the definitive magazine for the lesbian and bisexual community. Join the DIVA community and be part of a movement dedicated to addressing pressing issues and celebrating the diverse voices within the community. Subscribe now and start your journey with DIVA magazine today!

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