Crosswords Collection

Begin a mind-enhancing adventure with Take A Break’s Crosswords Collection! Featuring more than 100 pages of captivating puzzles, including straight, cryptic, and quiz crosswords, there’s a challenge for every enthusiast. Suitable for all ages, these puzzles provide hours of enjoyable stimulation while assessing your general knowledge. Don’t wait—acquire your copy today and immerse yourself in a realm of mental stimulation and amusement!


Take a Break’s Crosswords Collection is your go-to puzzle magazine, ideal for unwinding with a comforting cup of tea. Each month, you’ll be treated to over 140 fresh and quick-to-solve crossword puzzles, complemented by a selection of engaging variants to add variety to your puzzling experience. What’s more, don’t miss out on the chance to win £3000 with our exciting monthly competition, adding an extra layer of excitement to your crossword journey!

Whether you prefer straightforward, cryptic, or quizzer-style crosswords, Take a Break’s Crosswords Collection has something to satisfy every puzzle enthusiast. With its diverse range of puzzles suitable for all skill levels, our collection promises hours of enjoyable entertainment. Treat yourself to the ultimate puzzle experience and order your copy of Take a Break’s Crosswords Collection today—it’s the perfect companion for your leisure time!

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