Boxing News

Boxing News, a distinguished British weekly boxing magazine, boasts an array of fight reviews, fighter profiles, and in-depth analyses that delve into the dynamic world of boxing. With an unwavering commitment to independence and insight, Boxing News serves as a trusted guide for fight enthusiasts, offering exclusive ringside reports, meticulous fight previews, and candid interviews with boxing’s elite and industry leaders. Each weekly issue features nostalgic reflections on the sport’s rich history alongside the latest updates and expert commentary from a team of esteemed writers. Join the community of boxing aficionados today by subscribing to an annual Boxing News digital magazine subscription and stay connected to the pulse of the boxing world!


For over a century, Boxing News magazine has stood as the preeminent authority in the world of boxing, earning numerous awards and accolades since its establishment in 1909. With its bold slogan, “The world’s best fight magazine,” Boxing News delivers comprehensive coverage of every fight, punch, and development in the boxing world, offering readers an immersive experience that rivals being ringside. As the go-to source for boxing enthusiasts, the magazine continues to evolve, providing in-depth analysis, predictions, and interviews with prominent figures like Tyson Fury and Amir Khan, alongside a wealth of statistics, tips, and insights that cater to fans’ diverse interests and preferences.

With its rotating Guest Column, Vested Interest features, and coverage of the Amateur Scene, Boxing News offers an array of weekly features that cater to fans of all stripes, from those who relish big international bouts to those who prefer the intimacy of small-hall fixtures. Whether you’re following the careers of emerging talents or the triumphs of world champions, a Boxing News digital magazine subscription ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest gossip, news, and analysis from the world of boxing. Download the latest edition to your device today and indulge in your weekly fix of all things boxing.

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