If your child is football-mad, then they need a digital subscription to MATCH Magazine! Each issue is packed with the latest Premier League news, interviews with top players, and plenty of stats and facts to keep young fans engaged. For budding future stars, MATCH Magazine offers detailed tips and guides to help them improve their skills and showcase their talent. With quizzes, jokes, and scores from the Premier and Football Leagues, every issue promises entertainment and insight into the world of football. Don’t wait any longer – get your young football enthusiast a subscription to MATCH Magazine today!


MATCH Magazine has been a staple for football enthusiasts since 1979, captivating the football-mad kids of the UK with its monthly dose of football news, captivating photos, exclusive player interviews, quizzes, jokes, and a myriad of engaging features. With the MATCHFACTS section, young football lovers can stay updated on scores from various leagues, the latest player ratings, and in-depth team news, satisfying their insatiable thirst for stats and updates. Each issue also offers insights into the transfer market and news on the biggest stars in world football, ensuring readers are well-informed about the latest developments.

In addition to its comprehensive coverage, MATCH Magazine provides skill guides aimed at helping young football enthusiasts improve their on-field abilities and offers tips and tricks for FIFA to give them an edge over their friends. Covering everything football-related, from the excitement of the Champions League to the grassroots action of the National Leagues, MATCH Magazine is the go-to resource for fans of all teams and players. For football lovers, a digital subscription to MATCH Magazine is a necessity, offering comprehensive coverage of all things football. Don’t miss out on the excitement – subscribe today and elevate your football experience!

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