Cycling Plus

Cycling Plus stands as the premier road cycling magazine in the UK, offering cyclists unparalleled expertise and inspiration. With each issue, readers dive into a wealth of expert tips aimed at maximizing their ride, accompanied by reviews of top-notch gear and kit to support their competitive endeavors or adventurous journeys. Direct insights from the pro cycling world, exclusive bike and gear evaluations, as well as special offers and competitions, enrich the magazine’s content, ensuring comprehensive coverage of every aspect of the sport. Renowned for its depth of knowledge, Cycling Plus serves as the ultimate guide for modern cyclists, catering to beginners seeking ideas and inspiration, as well as experienced riders aiming to shave seconds off their personal bests. Whether you’re embarking on your cycling journey or striving to achieve performance goals, Cycling Plus magazine is the indispensable subscription for every enthusiast. Subscribe today and elevate your cycling experience!


Cycling Plus, established in 1992, has risen to prominence as the leading road cycling magazine in the UK, amassing 25 years of expertise in the field. Owned by Immediate Media and recipient of the esteemed PPA Specialist Consumer Magazine of the Year award, Cycling Plus is renowned for its dependable road cycling advice and inspiration. With a team of writers dedicated to impartial product reviews and real-world testing, the magazine offers readers authentic recommendations focused on performance rather than fleeting trends. Each edition delves into the strategies and preparations of cycling professionals, uncovering premier routes worldwide awaiting exploration by enthusiasts. For cycling enthusiasts eager to embark on new adventures, Cycling Plus stands as the ultimate road cycling guide.

From unveiling the latest gear to exploring professional cycling insights, Cycling Plus caters to cyclists of all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice seeking guidance or a seasoned rider aiming to elevate your performance, the magazine provides invaluable resources to help you achieve your cycling aspirations. With exclusive features, expert tips, and engaging content, Cycling Plus serves as your trusted companion on the journey to cycling excellence. Subscribe today and join a community committed to embracing the thrill and adventure of road cycling.

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