Big Carp

For over two decades, Big Carp has reigned as the definitive publication for serious carp anglers, curated by top anglers worldwide and dedicated to the pursuit of English thoroughbreds, steeped in a tradition of excellence. As the UK’s sole authentic carp magazine, it offers articles from past, present, and future British carp legends, diving into not just what catches fish but the underlying reasons. Featuring exclusives from anglers across the nation, detailed technical analyses of baits and rigs, on-the-bank interviews with both renowned and emerging talents, life stories of angling icons, and monthly prizes including holidays, tackle, and bait, the magazine caters to all levels of enthusiasts. With exclusive diaries from Rob Maylin and companions, and Keith Jenkins’ monthly column “Made in England” showcasing the biggest and most stunning carp captures, Big Carp transcends mere fish-catching, delving into the rich history of the quarry and its habitats. Whether you’re a novice angler hungry for cutting-edge insights or a seasoned pro staying abreast of the latest captures, Big Carp promises an enriching experience. Plus, with every download of the latest issue, receive a complimentary 250-page copy of Free Line Magazine, ensuring a comprehensive resource for carp aficionados. Subscribe now and elevate your carp fishing journey!

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