Match of the Day

Attention football-mad kids of Britain! Match of the Day magazine is your ultimate digital companion, delivering weekly updates from the Barclays Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, and major football leagues worldwide. Packed with exclusive interviews featuring Premier League stars, global transfer gossip, and comprehensive stats, Match of the Day equips its readers with a plethora of banter for the school playground. Each issue offers expert skill guides to enhance football techniques, engaging puzzles and quizzes to test football knowledge, and exclusive competitions to win exciting football goodies. If you have a football-loving youngster at home, why not grab a digital subscription to Match of the Day magazine and keep them entertained and informed every week?


Produced by the creators of the iconic BBC Match of the Day program, which has been delivering weekly football highlights and analysis for over half a century, Match of the Day magazine brings the same level of expertise and excitement to the younger generation of football fanatics in the UK. Tailored specifically for football-mad kids, the magazine offers the latest football news from around the globe, sizzling transfer gossip, comprehensive match reports, and detailed player analysis, all presented in a fun and easily digestible format.

Match of the Day magazine serves as a vital resource for young football enthusiasts, keeping them abreast of Premier League action while offering engaging puzzles, quizzes, and skill guides to hone their football knowledge and abilities. With interviews featuring their favorite star players and competitions offering a chance to win exciting football prizes, Match of the Day magazine ensures that young fans remain at the forefront of football discussions. For any aspiring football aficionado looking to stay updated on all things football, this magazine is an indispensable companion, ensuring they are well-equipped to join in the spirited conversations that dominate the playground.

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