Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Management Magazine provides strategy, technology, and management insights tailored for the world’s most global industry. Established for over 15 years, it stands as the sole dedicated publication covering the ATM and CNS (Communications, Navigation & Surveillance) industry. Renowned for its unbiased independent analysis, the magazine is widely regarded as the most influential and respected within the industry. Each quarterly issue delivers hard-hitting coverage on key aspects of the business, including the drive towards space-based air traffic management, integration of cockpit data link technology, and development of ground surveillance and precision-landing systems. With authoritative journalism, no-holds-barred interviews with senior ATM or CNS figures, and regular news coverage on staff changes, technological advancements, and major business contracts, Air Traffic Management Magazine ensures industry professionals stay informed of crucial market changes. Now free for registered qualified industry personnel, it’s the go-to resource for staying abreast of the latest developments in air traffic management. Subscribe now!

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