Air Classics – Where History Flies

Air Classics – Where History Flies! is the ultimate guide to historical flight, catering to aviation enthusiasts of all ages. Each monthly issue is brimming with expert analysis and insightful content covering the entire spectrum of classic aviation. From the great aerial battles of WWII to profiles of air racing legends and the latest warbird and classic aircraft restorations, Air Classics – Where History Flies! offers everything history buffs and flight fans could desire. With its heavy illustration and meticulous research, a digital magazine subscription to Air Classics – Where History Flies! ensures that your passion for aviation stays airborne with every issue. Elevate your aviation education and fuel your passion for flight by subscribing to Air Classics – Where History Flies! today.


Air Classics – Where History Flies! delves into the adventure of aviation, offering unparalleled insight into its rich history. Each monthly issue delivers drama and astonishing access, featuring fascinating first-hand historical accounts from those who battled in iconic aircraft like the B-17 bomber and P-51 Mustang. These accounts provide a captivating glimpse into the people and machines that shaped aviation history, making it perfect for pilots and aircraft aficionados looking to broaden their horizons.

Moreover, Air Classics – Where History Flies! showcases some of the world’s best photography of historic aircraft, bringing readers closer to the majestic beasts that once graced the skies. Packed with articles on the greatest air battles, detailed breakdowns of vintage and veteran aviation news, and captivating insights, an Air Classics – Where History Flies! digital magazine subscription is sure to engage, entertain, and educate with each new issue that lands on your device.

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