Vegan Food & Living

Indulge in the delectable world of vegan cuisine with Vegan Food & Living, Britain’s top-selling and multi-award-winning magazine devoted to ethical eating! Discover over 70 mouthwatering plant-based recipes in every digital issue, ranging from seasonal delights to quick midweek meals and irresistible baked treats, ensuring you’re never short on culinary inspiration. Beyond recipes, delve into the latest vegan nutrition insights and explore articles addressing the ethical and sustainable aspects of vegan living. Elevate your vegan experience with a subscription to Vegan Food & Living digital magazine – embrace delicious, plant-based recipes and invaluable vegan lifestyle advice. Subscribe today and savor the finest in vegan cuisine and living!


Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just beginning to explore plant-based meals, a subscription to Vegan Food & Living digital magazine offers a treasure trove of culinary inspiration. Each month, you’ll discover over 70 delicious plant-based recipes ranging from quick midweek meals to lavish weekend feasts, designed to tantalize your taste buds and keep your kitchen adventures exciting. But beyond recipes, Vegan Food & Living magazine is your go-to source for valuable insights into vegan nutrition. With expert advice on topics such as maintaining optimal health, navigating vegan nutrition during pregnancy, and exploring innovative dietary approaches like intermittent fasting, the magazine empowers you to thrive on a plant-based diet while nourishing both body and mind.

Moreover, Vegan Food & Living is committed to fostering compassion for animals and promoting environmental sustainability. Through thought-provoking articles and discussions, the magazine encourages readers to embrace ethical veganism and adopt eco-friendly practices. From advocating for animal rights to exploring practical strategies for sustainable living, Vegan Food & Living magazine inspires readers to become active participants in creating a more compassionate and environmentally conscious world. Subscribe today to join a community dedicated to delicious vegan cuisine, holistic well-being, and positive change.

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