Garden News

Garden News is Britain’s top gardening authority, providing expert advice from trusted professionals like Carol Klein. With clear guides and tips, our magazine helps your garden thrive in any weather. Trust us to guide you towards gardening success and join our community today to transform your outdoor space with ease.


Garden News is on a mission to empower gardeners across the country to make the most of their outdoor spaces. With a rich history dating back to 1958, our commitment to helping readers achieve their gardening dreams remains steadfast. Each issue is a treasure trove of practical advice, expert insights, and inspirational real gardens that cater to every gardening need. Our team of seasoned experts, including renowned figures like Carol Klein and Nick Bailey, provide authoritative tips and recommendations to ensure your garden thrives throughout the year. From timely checklists of weekly tasks to in-depth plant features and captivating stories behind featured gardens, Garden News is your trusted companion in the quest for gardening excellence.

Delve into the pages of Garden News, the UK’s number 1 weekly gardening magazine, and unlock a wealth of knowledge that equips you with the tools to create and maintain a stunning garden all year round. Whether you’re seeking guidance on seasonal tasks, exploring new plant varieties, or looking for inspiration from fellow gardeners, Garden News has you covered. Join our community of passionate gardeners and let us be your expert guide on the journey to cultivating beautiful outdoor spaces that bring joy and tranquility to your life.

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