Auto Italia magazine is your ultimate destination for Italian automotive excellence. From Fiat to Ferrari, Alfa Romeo to Zagato, each issue showcases original photography and insightful content curated by enthusiasts with a passion for all things Italian. Featuring new car launches, road tests, historic models, and interviews, it’s a collectible history of the Italian automotive industry, spotlighting specialist coachbuilders and unseen archive photography. Join us in celebrating the allure of Italian cars – subscribe to Auto Italia magazine today.


Auto Italia magazine is a premier publication dedicated to Italian car enthusiasts, collectors, and admirers. From iconic marques like Fiat and Ferrari to Alfa Romeo and Zagato, the magazine showcases Italian automotive excellence with specially commissioned original photography. Produced by a team of writers and photographers deeply passionate about all things Italian – from the country to the cars – each issue reflects their collective expertise in Italian car ownership, motor racing, or engineering.

Featuring informative content, Auto Italia covers a wide range of topics including new car launches, road and track tests of historic, classic, and current range cars, competition cars, buyer’s guides, and interviews with prominent personalities in the automotive world. With a focus on preserving the history of the Italian automotive industry, Auto Italia stands as a collectible record, presenting in-depth features on specialist coachbuilders and showcasing previously unpublished archive photography. Discover the rich heritage of Italian automobiles with Auto Italia – the ultimate resource for Italian car enthusiasts everywhere.

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