Auto Express

Auto Express stands as the UK’s favorite weekly car magazine, delivering the latest car news, reviews, and features. With a pulse on the industry, it covers everything from future models to legal changes, making it the definitive source for car enthusiasts. Boasting over 1,100 car assessments annually, Auto Express offers unparalleled car reviews. Packed with top-notch journalism and photography, it provides exclusive spy shots, enticing deals on new and used cars, updates on motor shows, thrilling car competitions, and insightful car comparisons. With an Auto Express digital magazine subscription, you’ll stay ahead in the world of motoring. Join the savvy, car-loving readership today – it’s the UK’s biggest selling motoring weekly! Subscribe now!


Since its inception in 1988, Auto Express has risen to prominence as the ultimate authority on all things automotive. With a weekly release schedule and a staggering 30,000 paid-for, weekly subscriptions, the magazine boasts an unmatched legion of loyal readers who value its sharp, informative, and concise editorial content. Over nearly three and a half decades, Auto Express has firmly entrenched itself as the premier destination for petrolheads, employing top-tier journalists and testers dedicated to delivering the latest news, high-quality features, and trusted reviews.

The entire editorial and creative team at Auto Express is committed to providing readers with expert, impartial advice and assistance, ensuring that they stay informed and empowered in the ever-evolving automotive landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of cars, Auto Express offers invaluable insights and analysis to guide your next automotive journey. With each issue featuring the highest quality car journalism and photography, an annual subscription to Auto Express digital magazine ensures that you stay abreast of the most exciting stories, latest news, reviews, comparisons, and ground-breaking features. Download the latest edition to your device today and elevate your automotive knowledge with Auto Express!

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