220 Triathlon

Dive into the world of triathlon with 220 Triathlon Magazine, your ultimate training companion. Every issue offers invaluable insights from top coaches, gear reviews, athlete profiles, and exclusive columns, including contributions from the legendary Chrissie Wellington. Whether you’re just starting your triathlon journey or preparing for an Ironman, 220 Triathlon equips you with the tools to race better and achieve your multisport goals. With expert advice, equipment tests, the latest news, interviews with elite triathletes, and comprehensive race round-ups, each edition ensures you’re primed for success in every swim, bike, and run. Subscribe today and elevate your triathlon performance with 220 Triathlon Magazine!


Since its inception in 1989 from a Swindon flat, 220 Triathlon has burgeoned into the quintessential resource for UK triathletes aiming to enhance their performance and enjoyment in the sport. Packed with insights from top coaches, physios, nutritionists, and athletes, each issue offers a wealth of knowledge to keep you informed and in top shape for the year ahead. With advice tailored to athletes of all abilities, you’ll discover tips and strategies to optimize your training regimen, conquer race day challenges, and achieve your personal best.

At 220 Triathlon, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance on every aspect of triathlon training and performance enhancement. From technique refinement and gear selection to nutrition strategies and race preparation, our experts cover it all. Ever wondered about the significance of the number 220? It’s not just a title; it holds historical importance in the realm of fitness. The number 220 was initially used as a reference point for estimating maximum heart rate, a key metric in determining optimal training intensity and heart rate zones. By subtracting your age from 220, you could calculate your estimated maximum heart rate and tailor your training accordingly. Join our community of triathletes committed to pushing boundaries and achieving success by subscribing to 220 Triathlon Magazine today!

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