Take A Break Monthly

Introducing Take a Break Monthly magazine – the perfect blend of captivating real-life stories, engaging women’s lifestyle features, exhilarating puzzles, and exciting prizes! Experience the best of Take a Break Weekly magazine condensed into a monthly edition, featuring an array of unique and original content tailored to entertain and inspire you. From heartwarming narratives to thought-provoking lifestyle articles, Take a Break Monthly offers something for everyone, ensuring each issue is a delightful treat for readers seeking entertainment and enrichment. Dive into the pages of Take a Break Monthly and uncover a world of stories, features, and puzzles that will keep you engaged and entertained month after month!


Get ready for an unparalleled reading experience with Take a Break Monthly, the ultimate compilation of the finest content from the UK’s leading women’s weekly, Take a Break. Each edition unveils a trove of captivating real-life tales, challenging puzzles, and enticing prizes. Paired with quick and effortless recipes for delectable dishes and practical travel insights to fuel your wanderlust, it’s a comprehensive package. Delve into our fashion segment for stylish yet affordable attire, peruse health advice from our esteemed in-house physicians, and explore a variety of beauty products to suit every taste and budget.

Join the dynamic Take a Break community today by subscribing to Take a Break Monthly, offering an entertaining and enriching read tailored to your diverse interests and passions. Additionally, explore our digital magazine platform for detailed instructions on accessing our content across compatible devices, ensuring you never miss a moment of the Take a Break experience, available anytime, anywhere!

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