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Discover the ultimate guide to successful weight loss with Slimming World Magazine, the UK’s premier slimming publication. Packed with the latest tips and expert advice, this health and fitness magazine offers invaluable inspiration through real-life accounts from individuals of all ages, sizes, and weights, keeping you motivated and on track toward your goals. Each issue brims with inspiring success stories and delectable syn-free recipes, ranging from hearty family favorites to irresistible sweet treats, proving that shedding pounds doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or satisfaction. Join the thousands of readers on their weight loss journey and elevate your path to a healthier lifestyle with a digital subscription to Slimming World Magazine today.


Founded in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell, Slimming World stands at the forefront of weight loss organizations in the UK, dedicated to making slimming goals accessible and achievable. Margaret Miles-Bramwell’s continued leadership underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. In 1998, Slimming World expanded its reach with the launch of Slimming World magazine, which rapidly soared to become the best-selling slimming title in the market. Boasting remarkable growth and the highest circulation figures among slimming publications, it has secured its place as the UK’s fourth most actively purchased magazine.

Slimming World magazine, published seven times a year and produced internally at the Slimming World headquarters, serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for both group members and individuals on their weight loss journey. Tailored to support various goals, whether shedding pounds before a holiday or embracing a healthier lifestyle, the magazine offers a comprehensive digital subscription designed to meet diverse needs and aspirations. Don’t overlook the chance to begin your path towards a healthier and happier version of yourself – subscribe to Slimming World magazine today!

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