Sea Angler

Join the ranks of dedicated sea anglers by subscribing to Sea Angler magazine, the ultimate digital resource for enthusiasts of the beautiful art. From deep sea boat action to shore fishing, Sea Angler covers it all, offering reviews of the latest rigs and exclusive offers from top brands. Engaging with the biggest names in the sport, the magazine provides insider tips and tricks to help you reel in the best catches. With comprehensive coverage of the seas around Britain and the diverse fish that inhabit them, Sea Angler stands as the UK’s best-selling sea fishing magazine. Whether you’re interested in baits, rigs, poles, marks, setups, or equipment, Sea Angler keeps you informed of all the latest developments. Don’t miss out – subscribe to Sea Angler today and stay ahead of the game in UK sea fishing!


Sea Angler magazine stands out for its compelling content and thorough exploration of all facets of sea fishing. From trusted advice on navigating calm or rough seas to tackle tips and tricks designed to help anglers land their desired catch, Sea Angler is a must-read for coastal and deep-sea fishermen alike. With a focus on the UK angler looking to enhance their skills, the magazine offers insights into impressive setups like lead weights, cannonball rigs, blopedos, and colored leads, ensuring readers are equipped with the knowledge to succeed in their sport.

Packed with valuable features, Sea Angler provides a seven-point plan for landing big bass, along with tried and tested tricks to tilt the odds in favor of catching the fish of a lifetime. The ‘Locals Know Best’ section shares the best fishing spots across the UK, accompanied by technical advice and anecdotes from seasoned professionals. Whether your passion lies with bass, mackerel, eels, or you’re serious about boat fishing or coastal casting, Sea Angler’s monthly digital version offers insights from the sport’s biggest names and comprehensive reviews, all while reminding anglers to enjoy the thrill of fishing. Subscribe to Sea Angler today and start reeling in your best catches yet!

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