Rugby World

Are you obsessed with rugby, living and breathing the sport? If so, Rugby World Magazine is your ultimate companion throughout the season! From training tips to gym routines, tournament schedules, and exclusive interviews with national and international rugby stars, we’ve got you covered. With a digital subscription, you’ll receive a new issue every month, packed with the latest insights and captivating photography, accessible wherever you go. Join our community of rugby players and enthusiasts today – subscribe to Rugby World Magazine for an insider’s view of the game you love!


Established in 1960, Rugby World has consistently led the way in delivering the latest news, high-quality articles, and invaluable advice to its readers, allowing them to prolong the excitement and adrenaline of rugby away from the pitch. With a focus on catering to both fans and players, the magazine is a must-have resource, providing game schedules, grassroots results, nutrition guidance, and engaging team Q&As.

Throughout its esteemed history, Rugby World magazine has remained the ultimate destination for all things rugby. Whether you seek insights from your favorite idols, aspire to engage in discussions about the next world cup, need advice on nutrition and training during the season, or simply desire the latest game schedules, Rugby World offers comprehensive coverage. Enjoy the convenience of a Rugby World digital magazine subscription and access all the latest exclusives from wherever you are, on any device at your fingertips!

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