Rail Express

Rail Express is the quintessential modern rail enthusiast magazine in Britain, celebrated for its exceptional coverage of diesel and electric era railways and captivating modern traction photography. With its clean design and indispensable content, Rail Express sets the standard for the hobby, offering in-depth features, the latest railway news, and insightful letters and reviews from fellow enthusiasts. Packed with superb photographs showcasing locomotives in action, the magazine provides unparalleled insight into Britain’s railway network. Subscribe to Rail Express Magazine today and become part of a community of train enthusiasts, experiencing the excitement of locomotive action firsthand.


Rail Express, first introduced in print in 1996 and published monthly, offers a comprehensive insight into the modern railway world. With the tagline “Essential reading for today’s rail enthusiast,” the magazine provides the latest updates on industry news, policy changes, and developments shaping the UK rail scene. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Rail Express has solidified its position as the preferred publication for British rail fans. Featuring dedicated sections for modelers, insightful articles addressing key issues in rail enthusiasm, and captivating stories uncovering the rich history of British trains, Rail Express caters to enthusiasts of all interests, whether it’s electric, steam, underground, or overground locomotives.

From rail-related news to in-depth features, scale-model guides, and engaging letters and reviews from fellow enthusiasts, Rail Express covers every aspect of the railway world. With a digital subscription to Rail Express Magazine, enthusiasts gain access to a wealth of content, ensuring they stay on track with the latest developments and events in the realm of trains. Don’t miss out on the excitement of the railway world – subscribe to Rail Express Magazine today and download the latest edition to your device for an immersive experience in railway enthusiasm!

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