MOJO Collectors’

Explore music in a whole new light with the MOJO Collectors’ Print Subscription! Engage with 10 premium issues every year, brimming with unmatched depth, access, and analysis provided by the MOJO team. Discover the narratives behind the greatest artists, curated by top-tier writers, and complemented by iconic rare images. Each edition is a repository of captivating features and exclusive interviews. Don’t let this chance to immerse yourself in the music world slip by. Subscribe now to the MOJO Collectors’ series and enhance your music collection today!


Discover a new dimension of musical exploration with the MOJO Collectors’ Series, a deluxe collection brought to you by the creators of MOJO magazine. Each edition offers an exhilarating dive into the world of iconic artists such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. MOJO, renowned as the world’s most prestigious music magazine, delivers award-winning coverage of the best music past and present. The Collectors’ Series goes beyond, allowing readers to delve deeper into the lives and careers of music legends, uncovering extraordinary stories, detailed information, and rare images meticulously curated by MOJO’s experts.

With three captivating forms to choose from, the MOJO Collectors’ Series caters to every music enthusiast. The Collectors’ Series presents over 132 pages of MOJO’s finest writing on an artist’s career, featuring exclusive interviews, in-depth features, and insightful analysis. Meanwhile, The Collectors’ Series: Essentials offers a comprehensive guide to an artist’s music, films, and books, providing readers with a definitive 132-page companion to their output. For an even richer experience, The Collectors’ Series: Deluxe Anthology Editions combine the contents of two editions into a sumptuous 240-page feast, housed in thick card covers and printed on premium paper stock. Elevate your music library with the MOJO Collectors’ Series and embark on a journey through the captivating world of music icons.

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