MLI Plus

Modern Locomotives Illustrated (MLI) Plus is the premier bi-monthly magazine dedicated to UK diesel and electric fleets. Offering comprehensive histories and technical reviews of featured classes, MLI is tailored for enthusiasts and model rail fans alike. With fleet lists, technical data, and preservation updates, MLI Plus is your go-to source for all things modern traction. Subscribe now for unparalleled insights into locomotive evolution and stay informed with the latest developments in locomotive technology.


Modern Locomotives Illustrated (MLI) Plus stands as the definitive bi-monthly magazine for modern traction enthusiasts, focusing exclusively on the development and operation of the UK diesel and electric fleets. Each issue of MLI aims to provide readers with a comprehensive history of the featured class or classes, covering their evolution, construction, service, and eventual retirement. Geared towards technical enthusiasts, MLI offers detailed technical reviews of locomotive designs, complete with extensive measurements, weights, capacities, and numeric illustrations showcasing equipment positions and variations. Furthermore, the magazine caters to model rail enthusiasts, offering insights into liveries, design alterations, and select illustrations aimed at assisting with super detailing model locomotives and trains. With regular features such as fleet lists, technical data, cab drawings, operational routes, and preservation updates, MLI Plus is a must-have resource for those passionate about modern locomotives.

Whether you’re a technical aficionado, a model rail enthusiast, or simply intrigued by the intricacies of modern traction, MLI Plus provides unparalleled insights into the world of UK diesel and electric fleets. With its meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive coverage of locomotive history and design, MLI Plus offers a unique perspective on the evolution of modern locomotives. Subscribe today to delve into the fascinating world of modern traction and stay informed with the latest developments in locomotive technology and preservation efforts.

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