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Subscribe to Bowls International Magazine, the premier publication for bowls enthusiasts worldwide, by Key Publishing Ltd. since 1981. With captivating monthly issues, it delivers engaging articles and keeps you connected to the latest news and views from influential figures in the bowls community. Offering coverage of major championships, tournaments, a bowls holiday guide, prized competitions like the Hot Shots Club, and expert advice, Bowls International is your essential resource for enhancing skills and staying informed in the global bowls community. Join us and elevate your passion for bowls today!


Bowls International Magazine, the world’s leading publication for bowls enthusiasts, is proudly presented by Key Publishing Ltd. Since its inception in 1981, Bowls International has been synonymous with the sport of bowling, catering to players at every level from grassroots to elite competition. With its monthly release schedule, the magazine offers a perfect blend of engaging, informative, and instructional articles, featuring the latest news and insights from renowned figures in the bowling world. From coverage of major championships and international tournaments to a monthly bowls holiday guide and easy-to-enter competitions with super prizes, Bowls International keeps readers connected to the pulse of the bowling community.

In addition to its extensive event coverage, Bowls International features regular segments covering a wide range of topics, including comprehensive news updates, expert advice on technique, fitness, and equipment, umpiring tips and techniques, a dedicated section for junior bowlers, and invaluable tips on green maintenance. With its unwavering commitment to the sport and its readers, Bowls International remains the ultimate resource for bowlers looking to enhance their skills and stay informed about the latest developments and events in the world of bowling.

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