Backtrack stands as Britain’s premier historical railway journal, chronicling the railway’s evolution from its earliest days to events of about a decade ago. With a nostalgic flair, the magazine delves into various aspects of railway history across Britain and Ireland, exploring everything from horse-drawn tramroads to steam, diesel, and electric locomotives, as well as rolling stock developments. Readers can expect insights into specific railway lines and examinations of the social, political, financial, engineering, and labor aspects that shaped railway history. Each issue is enriched with archive black and white photographs alongside high-quality historical color coverage, ensuring a visually captivating journey through time. Subscribe today to an annual Backtrack digital magazine subscription and experience Britain’s foremost historical railway journal firsthand.


Backtrack, established in 1986 with the mission of chronicling Britain’s railway history, continues its legacy under Pendragon Publishing. A monthly publication, Backtrack offers a nostalgic journey into railway heritage, featuring articles on Britain and Ireland’s train stations, bridges, signalling, biographies, and staff recollections. With contributions from top railway historians, the magazine has earned a reputation for its high-quality content and authoritative insights into various aspects of railway history.

Celebrating 35 years, Backtrack remains the go-to source for enthusiasts interested in Britain’s railway system. Each issue delves into specific lines or areas of railway history, covering everything from the pre-Stephenson era to modern locomotives. From railway company history to social and economic impacts, Backtrack offers comprehensive coverage, making it essential reading for those passionate about early railway history and the evolution of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives. Subscribe now and join us on this unforgettable ride!

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