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Since its inception in 1895, Autocar has maintained its position as the world’s oldest car magazine, setting the pace for motoring enthusiasts worldwide. Pioneering the road test in 1928 with the analysis of the Austin 7, Autocar continues to lead the way by testing over 500 cars annually, providing meticulously curated data that resonates with its dedicated fan base. With a commitment to covering every single car launch and producing over 1,600 new stories each year, Autocar remains at the forefront of automotive journalism, ensuring its audience stays informed in an ever-evolving world.

As the premier weekly car magazine now available in 16 countries, Autocar offers extensive coverage of motorsports and dedicated summaries of new, used, and electric cars. Whether you’re on the hunt for your next vehicle or simply indulging in your automotive dreams, a monthly digital subscription to Autocar ensures you’re always in the driver’s seat. Stay ahead of the curve and download the latest issue to your device today!

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