AIR International

Established in 1972, AIR International Magazine is a premier source for modern military and commercial aviation reporting. With expanded global correspondents and top aviation writers, it delivers monthly news, features, and photography. Covering commercial and military aviation, it includes global industry news, exclusive interviews, aircraft coverage, and insights into air forces and airlines. Subscribe for comprehensive aviation coverage and stay informed.


Established in 1972, AIR International Magazine has set the standard for comprehensive reporting in modern military and commercial aviation. With a renowned reputation for authoritative coverage, the magazine continuously enhances its content by incorporating more correspondents and top aviation writers from around the world. Published monthly, AIR International offers an expanded number of pages dedicated to both commercial and military aviation, presenting a fresh, contemporary design filled with vibrant imagery and improved graphics that enhance readability and enjoyment for readers.

From the latest global military, commercial, and aviation industry news to exclusive interviews with leading figures and in-depth coverage of military aircraft and helicopter types, AIR International caters to a diverse audience of aviation enthusiasts and professionals. Its focus on UAVs, worldwide exercise reports, and analyses of air forces and airlines ensures readers stay informed about the ever-evolving aviation landscape. With regular special feature sections and supplements, AIR International remains an indispensable resource for those seeking comprehensive insights into the dynamic world of aviation. Subscribe today to delve into the best in modern military and commercial aviation with AIR International Magazine.

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