UK Beef

Join Britain’s Biggest Readers with The Beef, UK’s premier bodybuilding magazine. With a decade of coverage, it offers contest reports, exclusive photo shoots, and training advice from top experts like Hany Rambod. Celebrating diverse bodybuilding federations, The Beef is your ultimate resource for muscle-building techniques, nutrition, and supplements. Subscribe now for unparalleled insights into the world of muscle!


For the past decade, The Beef has reigned as the United Kingdom’s premier bodybuilding magazine, catering to Britain’s most avid readers. As the hard-core muscle bible, it delves into the world of bodybuilding with unparalleled depth, offering contest reports, photo shoots featuring top competitors, and invaluable training advice alongside comprehensive information on nutrition and supplements, often accompanied by enticing deals on supplements in every issue. The magazine boasts contributions from esteemed bodybuilding experts such as Hany Rambod, Cecil Croasdaile, Glen Danbury, Paul Scarborough, Paul Jenkins, Kevin Tomasini, and more, individuals who epitomize the hard-core ethos and possess firsthand knowledge on muscle-building techniques.

Distinguished by its unwavering support for all bodybuilding federations including IFBB, UKBFF, NABBA, NAC, BNBF, NPA, and independent contest promoters, The Beef transcends boundaries to champion and promote the entire spectrum of the bodybuilding community. With a steadfast commitment to delivering authoritative content and fostering a sense of camaraderie among enthusiasts, The Beef stands as an indispensable resource for individuals dedicated to sculpting their physique and advancing within the dynamic world of bodybuilding in the United Kingdom.

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